Community member v2

As a community member

Learn how to help - do suicide prevention training to recognise the signs of suicide. 

Help share videos of hope and helpful resources with your mates, neighbours, family and colleagues.

Don't be afraid to talk about suicide with your friends, family or doctor.

Lived experience v2

As a person with lived experience

Contact the Collaborative to:

Connect with other people who have lived experience of suicide.

Learn how to use your experience to have a positive impact.

Help us reduce suicides. Your experience is an asset we need to do this work.

Business v2

As a business or organisation

Roll out suicide prevention training within your workplace.

Share the 'Where to go for support' resource with staff, e.g. via your staff newsletter or noticeboard.

Make sure your staff know who to speak to at work if they are struggling.

Take steps to create a mentally healthy workplace - check out the 'Heads Up' website for more information.

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As a health professional

Learn how to help - do suicide prevention training.

Sign up for the next Recovery Camp.


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As family or friend of someone struggling

Learn how to help - do suicide prevention training.

Find out what supports are available for yourself and the people you care for - visit our need help page for more details.

Collab meeting

Get involved with the Collaborative

Help us continue and grow this work by joining a working group, our monthly meetings, or contributing outside of meetings. 

Click here to read our report card to find out what we've been working on.

Contact us to talk more about the work we're doing and how you can get involved.


Preventing suicide is not the sole responsibility of any one person, group, service or sector. Every one of us has a role to play in suicide prevention - and you are in a position to help.